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"The Cafe & The Doctor" MSS Manitoulin Island
October 2004
"Late Night Madness" Street Performers Festival, Edmonton
July 2004
"Flux" Berkeley Street Theatre, Toronto
June 2002
"Flux" Waterfront Theatre, Vancouver
March, April 2002
"Flux" Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary
March 2002
"Flux" Theatre Network, Edmonton
February 2002
"Something Else" Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary
March 2000
"Something Else" Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver
Feb, March 2000
"Something Else" Theatre Network, Edmonton
Jan, Feb 2000
"The Dentist" Edmonton Comedy Arts Festival, Edmonton
January 2000
"Dora Awards" - hosts Bluma Appel Theatre, Toronto
June 1999
"Something Else" The Canadian Stage Company, Toronto
Jan, Feb 1999
"Cream of Comedy" The Second City of Toronto
November 1998
"Something Else" Bishops University, Quebec
November 1998
"Something Else" World Stage Festival, Toronto
April 1998
"Something Else" Sudbury Theatre Centre
March 1998
"Something" Living Arts Centre, Mississauga
February 1998
"Tense" Edmonton Fringe Festival
August 1997
"Tense" Fringe Festival of Toronto
July 1997
"Pitooey" Second City, Toronto
June 1997
"Something" Quinte Arts Festival, Belleville
May 1997
"An Evening of Clown" Factory Theatre, Toronto
February 1997
"Something" Bishops University, Quebec
November 1996
"Something" Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa
October 1996
"Something" Edmonton Fringe Festival, Alumni Venue
August 1996
"Ferno" Fraser Auditorium, Laurentian University, Sudbury
April 1996
"Ferno" Factory Theatre, Toronto
January 1996
"Caged" Factory Theatre, Toronto
January 1996
"Something" Factory Theatre, Toronto
December 1995
"Pitooey" Citadel-Macnab Theatre, Midnight Madness, Edmonton
July 1995
"Something" Vogue Theatre, Vancouver
April 1994
"Something" Worldstage Festival, Toronto
April 1994
"Caged & Ferno" Innerstage, University of Guelph
February 1994
"Something" Globe Theatre, Regina
February 1994
"Something" Passe Muraille Theatre C.R.A.F.T. Benefit, Toronto
December 1993
"Ferno" High Performance Rodeo, Calgary
November 1993
"Ferno" Chinook Theatre, Edmonton
November 1993
"Something" Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg
October 1993
"Caged" Sudbury Theatre Centre, Sudbury
September 1993
"Something" Sudbury Fringe Festival
August 1993
"Something" Scarborough Board of Education Drama Conference
May 1993
"Something" Club Soda, Montreal
May 1993
"Ferno" Waterloo Humanities Theatre
April 1993
"The Doctor" Claude Watson Studio, Richmond Hill
March 1993
"Ferno" Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto
Nov-Dec 1992
"Ferno" University of Victoria
October 1992
"Ferno" Victoria Fringe Festival
October 1992
"Ferno" Vancouver East Cultural Centre
September 1992
"Ferno" Vancouver Fringe Festival
September 1992
"Ferno" Chinook Theatre, Edmonton
August 1992
"Ferno" Edmonton Fringe Festival
August 1992
"Ferno" Saskatoon Fringe Festival
August 1992
"Ferno" Winnipeg Fringe Festival
July 1992
"Ferno" Fringe of Toronto
June 1992
"Ferno" Innerstage, University of Guelph
June 1992
"Ferno" Montreal Fringe Festival
June 1992
"Caged" Innerstage, University of Guelph
March 1992
"Bits & Pieces" Claude Watson Studio, Richmond Hill
January 1992
"Star Trek" Big City Improv, Toronto
November 1991
"Something" Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto
September 1991
"Christmas Benefit" Rivoli, Toronto
December 1990
"Christmas Benefit" Second City, Toronto
December 1990
"Caged" Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto
November 1990
"Caged" Victoria Fringe Festival
September 1990
"Caged" Vancouver East Cultural Centre
September 1990
"Caged" Vancouver Fringe Festival
September 1990
"Caged" Chinook Theatre, Edmonton
August 1990
"Caged" Edmonton Fringe Festival
August 1990
"Something" Vancouver International Comedy Festival
August 1990
"Caged" Saskatoon Fringe Festival
August 1990
"Caged" Fringe of Toronto
July 1990
"Something" Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto
May-June 1990
"The Dentist" Tarragon Theatre, Spring Arts Fair
April 1990
"The Dentist" Theatre Centre Opening, Toronto
March 1990
"Something" Innerstage, University of Guelph
January 1990
"Something" Factory Theatre Studio Cage, Toronto
November 1989
"Something" Second City, London, Ontario
November 1989
"Something" Nelson, British Columbia
October 1989
"Something" Victoria Fringe Festival
September 1989
"Something" East Vancouver Cultural Centre
September 1989
"Something" Vancouver Fringe Festival
September 1989
"Something" Edmonton Fringe Festival
August 1989
"Something" One Yellow Rabbit Theatre, Calgary
August 1989
"Something" Fringe of Toronto
August 1989
"Something" The Rivoli, Toronto
July 1989
"Comedy Tonight" The Rivoli, Toronto
June 1989
"Takin' it to The Streets" Harbourfront, Toronto
June 1989
"The Wake" "A Starry Night", Ryerson Theatre, Toronto
May 1989
"Bits & Pieces" Second City, Toronto
April 1989
"Bits & Pieces" Rivoli, Toronto
April 1989
"The Dentist" Crystal Comedy Quest, Glendon College, Toronto
April 1989
"Bits & Pieces" The Rivoli, Toronto
March 1989
"The Dentist" Crystal Comedy Quest, Humber College, Toronto
March 1989
"Bits & Pieces" Grover's Exchange, Toronto
January 1989
"Egg" Theatre Centre, Toronto
October 1989
"Jump The Gun" Theatre Centre, Toronto
May 1988