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In "Ferno", Mump & Smoot head off on a relaxing vacation. However, when the pilot doesn't show up, the clowns decide to fly the plane themselves with disastrous and hilarious results. Over the course of their journey, the clowns endure fear of flying, fear of death, death, religion, cannibalism, despair, isolation, and friendship.


"...imagine Laurel and Hardy going on a trip. An acid trip."
- Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Abbott and Costello meet the Honeymooners on a Gilligan's Island cruise to Hell - as directed by David Lynch."
- Jeff Craig, Edmonton Sun

"Theirs is a strange but easy-to-grasp language, sounding at various times like German, Quebecois and Swahili, but just as often like the distorted dream English of James Joyce. To venture an esoteric comparison, their conversations sometimes remind one of the exchanges between Jute and Mutt, the comic duo of Finnegans Wake...However there is nothing in the least bit esoteric about Mump and Smoot. Their antics are the familiar ones of much better-known comedy teams - happy echoes of Stan and Ollie, Bud and Lou, Ralph and Ed...It's as if Abbott and Costello had suddenly acquired the sadistic streak of Monty Python, as the pair serve up hilariously funny sick sight gags involving severed limbs, cannibalism and futile murder."
- Martin Morrow, Calgary Herald

"Imagine clowns on amphetamines. Monty Python with a spiritual aspect. A trip to hell and back that inspires screams of laughter. Twin Peaks with funny noses. Manic depressives in makeup."
- Karen Bell, Performing Arts